Chat++ 5


An all-in-one Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit for Chrome and Firefox

made by Tran Duc Thang & Nguyen Anh Tien.

About Chat++
Chat++ is an all-in-one Chatwork Enhancement Toolkit.
It is a free Extension which provides more funny emoticons as well as many other features for Chatwork.
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Chat++ Features

■ Additional Emoticons for Chatwork.
■ Create, use and share your own Emoticons Data.
■ Easily mention a person by typing @.
■ Mention all people in a room by typing @all. Mention your self by typing @me.
■ Mention Admins in room by @admin. Mention a random member in room by @random.
■ Mention people in your friend list even when they are not present in current chat room by typing @#.
■ Just display user picon (without mentioning) by adding .
■ Mention a person or all people without name by adding _
■ Register and then mention Group of people by typing only Group name.
■ Many useful shortcuts.
■ Easily check Room Information.
■ Show thumbnail below the image link (support direct image link, gyazo link and Facebook image link)
■ Highlight code
■ Quick Info tag, quick Title tag
■ And more awesome features ...
Install Chat++ 5
You can download and install Chat++ via the
Google Chrome Web Store or Firefox AMO
If you are using Chrome can not install Chat++ from Chrome App Store, you can try to install it from the source code.
Just click HERE to download, then extract the zip file. After that, go to chrome://extensions/ page, turn on Developer Mode then click Load Unpacked Extension button.
Finally, refer to the folder named build, which is inside the folder that you just have extracted.

You can create your own Emoticons data file and then share it with your friends. Of course if you and your friends have the same data, you will see the same emoticons on Chatwork!

You can easily create a Emoticons Data file for Chat++ by following the below rules:

Or you can use Chat++ Emoticon Set Editor, a great site made by Nguyen Duc Tung. Great thanks to him for his hard work
Feel free to email us to provide some feedbacks on our extension, give us suggestions for new features, or to just say hello!

Tran Duc Thang


Nguyen Anh Tien



If you're interested in contributing to Chat++, please refer the Contribution Guidelines.